New video: “A Merry Old Christmas”

It´s finally here – the official video of my new song – A MERRY OLD CHRISTMAS. Filmed in Acitrezza, Sicily by Giovanni Tomaselli & Rosario Samuel Adonia – thanks guys! The video also has a special guest – Maya Nordgarden! A merry ol´Christmas to you all!

Music video by Nordgarden performing A Merry Old Christmas. (C) 2014 Terje Nordgarden

Title: A Merry Old Christmas
Artist: Nordgarden
Directors: Giovanni Tomaselli & Rosario S.Adonia

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The artist about the song:

A Merry Old Christmas was written at three o´clock in the morning on Christmas Eve. The whole house was asleep except for me and I sat down in the living room with a guitar, a cup of hot tea and out came this song, soaking in the absolute silence of the night, the utter dark and the snow covered Norwegian landscape outside.

The year was 2012 and we had just overcome another doomsday prediction, my baby girl Maya had just been born two months earlier and was now to celebrate her first Christmas.
The nostalgia of many a Christmases celebrated in this my mothers house ran through my mind like a cine film, having seen how the world had changed and how a new child, my child, had now become a part of this world and of the great tradition that Christmas is. Present in the song is also the darkness, the fear of a dangerous world on the outside that I as a father want to protect her from.

All in all this is my first Christmas song ever. It all came very natural and I feel it is my tribute to childhood, my family and to Christmas as a source of light, warmth, love and inspiration to get through our long and dark Norwegian Winters.

The Lyrics:
It’s so cold
The silence is white
And Christmas so bold
With its bright neon lights

Outside there’s a dark
We’ ve all gone to bed
But I’m wide awake
Floating around in my head
It’s a Merry Old, Merry Old Christmas again this year

Now we’ve overcome
The end of the World
The Earth didn’t drown
And the globe still turns

Yes, we’ve overcome
The trouble in store
Our blood still runs
And the flame still burns
It’s a Merry Old, Merry Old Christmas again this year

My baby’s asleep
She’s safe from the World
All here is peace
I’m pretty sure

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