Great reviews on “You Gotta Get Ready”

The new album “You Gotta Get Ready” is finally out in Norway and Italy and the press has been responding enthusiastically and very positive. This is what they´ve been saying about it in the respective countries:


* AFTENPOSTEN: 5/6 – Convincing, effortless and steady – a singer songwriter of international standards.

* TELEMARKS AVISA: 5/6 –  This album is a treasure!

* STAVANGER AFTENBLAD: 5/6 – Songs with a silent power.

* FÆDRELANDSVENNEN: 5/6 – The upturn! With his exceptional skills as a songwriter, he manages to stick out from the rest.

* HAMAR ARBEIDERBLAD: 5/6 –  Full control – never has his musical style and his self confidence as an artist come through as clear and convincing as on this album.


RUMORE: The fourth album of the Norwegian has hit spot on!

ROCKERILLA: Ballads of contaminating musicality. 

BLOW UP: When the sound and the production is as sparse as on YGGR, the songwriting must be of such standards and quality that it sustains the entire album – in front of this immensely difficult task Nordgarden stands the test.

JAM: Not singing along to the choruses on “Keep It Shining on the Inside” or “These Lovesick Blues” is almost impossible, and without noticing it you are conquered.


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